About Us

Experience Matters

 Our company has over 30 years of private process service experience and 35 years of judgment and collection agency experience. Our staff is licensed by the JBCC and can deliver legal process throughout Dallas, Collin, and Denton counties.

We are a diligent litigation support service dedicated to prompt, accurate, and detailed service of state and federal civil process and other legal documents through the above listed counties. 

Areas of Expertise

  •  Private process service with detailed return of service for the above counties, if firm desires, we will work with them to handle the whole state of Texas.
  • Investigation and judgment collection services to assist lawyers in their efforts to collect delinquent debts and judgments and/or judgments through pre- and post- judgment legal process.
  • Skip trace financial and asset information on individual and/or company with focus on locating real estate, bank deposits, and other non-exempt property owned by debtor.
  • Offer a 35 year experience opinion, as to the recovery of a debt through initiation of legal action or after judgment is rendered.-
  • Locate an individual who has skipped out on a debt, is avoiding legal process, is a witness, or does not want to be found for any reason.
  • Provide notary services.